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For Honor’s factions begin game’s new season on a hopeful note

Brighter weapons, ceremonial armors signify a war-weary world at truce

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The first season of For Honor’s fourth year begins Feb. 6, bringing with it a lighter mood to contrast against the downbeat themes of Year 3’s lore.

The title of Year 4 is “Year of Reckoning,” and Season 1’s is “Hope.” Narratively speaking, the game’s world is emerging from the cataclysmic events of Season 3’s conflict, and all of For Honor’s factions are now at a truce. Though developers say that means they’ll need a new reason to start fighting amongst themselves, for Season 1 they will be focused on acquiring weapons and armor with brighter colors and ceremonial designs.

Some of the gear can be looted from within the game’s world, and other cosmetics may be found through For Honor’s new Battle Pass. Offering 100 tiers of content, the Battle Pass comes in addition to the game’s regular Content of the Week drops. Battle Pass content is earned free by completing matches, quests, and other in-game objectives, or it can be purchased outright.

Ornaments, color swatches, embossings, Steel (For Honor’s in-game currency), and champion status can be acquired for free; the premium pass gives buyers new weapons, executions, signatures, and effects. All items in the pass’ 100 tiers of content will be revealed to all players so they know exactly what they’re working toward (or buying). Ubisoft Montreal said the content that will be available each season amounts to about 1 million Steel.

Ubisoft Montreal developers discussed the rest of their plans for Year 4 during a 90-minute livestream today. Two new heroes will join the game later. The studio also said that Year 4 will bring the For Honor Dominion Series, a set of PC tournaments pitting North American and European teams against one another in the game’s Dominion playlist. The series will build to two LAN/offline events, one at the middle of the year and another at its conclusion, which will crown the year’s overall champion.

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