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The trailer for Fast & Furious 9 asks one question

And that question is: How do you pronounce F9?

The great saga of our time, the Fast & Furious franchise, has but two stories left to tell — not counting spinoffs, of course — and the trailer for the ninth and penultimate entry in the series, F9, has finally landed.

Vin Diesel returns as Dominic Toretto, a former street racer whose attempt to settle down with his family is foiled. Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Helen Mirren, and Charlize Theron also return as their respective characters, with John Cena and Cardi B joining the cast.

“I used to live my life a quarter mile at a time,” Dom says in the new trailer. “But things change.”

Cena is revealed to be a mysterious master thief and driver (love that for him), and — surprise, surprise — Dom’s brother, who has spent his whole life training to be better than him. And, in the grand tradition of Fast & Furious movies getting wilder and wilder, the new trailer also features rockets, explosions, a magnet plane, family dynamics (good and bad), and more explosions.

The big question, however, is what’s up with the movie’s title. Common sense dictates that F9 be pronounced “eff-nine,” but what about this: “Fnine.” If you’re going to give up on continuing the kind of amazing pun that was The Fate of the Furious (fate, like f8, because it was the eighth movie, you know), then this is the least you deserve.

The film vrooms into theaters May 22.