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Temtem Breeding guide

How does Breeding work?

Temtem Breeding guide Image: Crema via Polygon
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There are two ways to fill out your squad of fighting creatures in Temtem: capture untamed ones, or Breed your own.

In this guide, we’ll explain all the concepts involved in Temtem Breeding, like how to find the Breeding Center, as well as compatibility and inherited traits (and stats) mean. Think of this as your the Paharos and the Swalis (the birds and the bees) talk.

Breeding Center

Temtem Omninesia Breeding Center location map
Breeding Center location.
Image: Crema via Polygon

To breed Temtem, you’ll have to reach the Breeding Center. You’ll find it on the Airborne Archipelago’s second island, Omninesia.

It’s along the north edge of the island, about halfway across.

Which Temtem can Breed?

First, you need a male and female Temtem. (As the game points out, same-sex pairing “might have fun, but you won’t get an egg.”) The sex is represented by the (male) and (female) symbols next to the Temtem’s name.

The two Temtem you choose to breed don’t have to be the same species, but they do have to share (at least) one type. For example, Ganki has both Electric and Wind types, so it can breed with any species that has one of those types, like Sparzy or Paharo. (We have not seen any bonuses for matching all types.)

Temtem Breeding fertility icon
The plant icon in the upper right represents a Temtem’s fertility. This Tateru has a fertility of 8, since all the leaves and the stem are colored in.
Image: Crema via Polygon

The last thing to check is the Temtem’s fertility. Fertility is shown by the plant-like gauge on in your Temtem’s details. The leaves on the plant and the stem represent how many times that Temtem can breed — with a maximum of eight. Each time a Temtem breeds, the gauge reduces by one. When the fertility gauge is empty, that Temtem can no longer breed.

More pragmatically, you can only breed Temtem that are in your squad. There’s a TemDeck Station inside the Breeding Center if you need to move Temtem around.

Inherited traits and stats

Everything from the species to the stats of the offspring that Breeding produces depends on the parents. (The following points are from this Kickstarter update and the 0.2.5 patch notes.)

  • The species will be the first evolution of the mother’s line. For example, a female Paharac will always produce a Paharo, no matter what species the male is.
  • The child’s fertility equals the lower of the parents’ fertility values. This number is calculated after breeding reduces the fertility values. So, if the male has a fertility of seven, and the female has a three, the child will have a fertility of three.
  • The child’s Single Values (SVs) are based on the parents’ SVs. Temtem stats are a combination of base stats for the species, Training Values earned through battle, and Single Values that are random for each Temtem. A child has a 40% chance of getting a better SV than their parents, a 40% chance of getting their parents’ average SV, and a 20% of getting a lower SV than their parents for each stat.

How to use the Breeding Center

Inside the Breeding Center, head to the left side. Use the TemDeck Station to sort out your squad — the Temtem you breed need to be in your squad, not just your TemDeck.

Approach the Temtem Breeder, and let them know “I brought a couple of Temtem…”

Choose the two Temtem from your squad, and pay the 50 pansun fee.

It will take 10 minutes of real-world time for the Temtem to make their egg if they’re from different evolutionary lines, or five minutes if they’re from the same line. For the duration, these two Temtem won’t be in your squad or your TemDeck.

Return to the Breeding Center to pick up your Temtem and your new egg.

How to hatch eggs

Once you collect your new egg from the Breeding Center, you have to keep it in your squad for it to hatch — keeping it in your TemDeck won’t work.

Temtem breeding egg stats
Keep the egg in your squad to hatch it.
Image: Crema via Polygon

The amount of time ranges from 5-45 minutes, depending on the rarity of the Temtem. As an example, a Paharo we bred hatched after about seven minutes.

The Temtem that hatches will be level 1, so an item like the Coward’s Cloak will be useful in leveling it up.

Breeding Luma Temtem

Just like encountering them in the wild, you have a 1 in 6,000 chance of breeding a Luma Temtem.

However, once you have a Luma, you can improve your chances of breeding another. If one parent is a Luma, the child has a 1 in 600 chance of also being a Luma. If both parents are Luma, the child has a 1 in 60 chance.

Since SVs are inherited from parents (see above), using Luma for Breeding is useful beyond just color palette. All Luma have at least three perfect SVs, and since the SVs are inherited from parents (above), it’s very likely your egg will have great stats, too.

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