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Dota Underlords comes out Feb. 25

Adorable new character Enno already available

Enno, the new Dota Underlords Underlord from the game’s season 1 patch, uses a grappling hook gun and has a skull mask
Say hi to Enno.
Image: Valve
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Dota Underlords has been in beta for the better part of eight months, but Valve has finally let fans know the game’s official release date. The company has announced that Dota Underlords will be leaving beta on Feb. 25. That date is also set to be the first day of Underlords season 1.

As one final addition before the beta ends, Valve has released Enno, the newest Underlord. Enno is a ranged character that brings with him a wide variety of different poison-based attacks. Poison is a new status effect for this patch that will deal 15 physical damage per second and reduce healing; it can stack up to five times.

Along with Enno, Dota Underlords got a small final beta patch that contains a few changes. Valve fixed a couple of bugs with the Jull and Hobgen Underlords, who weren’t interacting with Spiderlings correctly in previous patches. There was also a change to Venomancer that made its Venomous Gale ability now apply the new poison effect. Valve updated the Orb of Venom item to apply poison as well.

For a full look at all the changes that came in the Jan. 30 Dota Underlords update, you can find the official patch notes below.

Correction: Enno the Underlord and the latest beta patch are available now, whereas Dota Underlords will come out of beta alongside the launch of season 1 on Feb. 25. We’ve edited the article to clarify this.

Dota Underlords: Hey, it’s Ennother Underlord patch notes

Added Enno

  • A ranged menace, Enno leaps around the board poisoning enemies and generally wreaking havoc.
  • Enno will be one of the four Underlord options available at the end of Round 1 in Knockout and at the end of Round 9 in Standard and Duos game modes. One of two Enno builds (detailed below) will be randomly presented.

Passive Skill - Escape Artist

  • Once per combat, when dropping below 25/50/75% health, Enno escapes in a cloud of smoke, reappearing elsewhere on the board, stunning adjacent enemies for 1.5 seconds.

Build 1 - Healin’ n’ Stealin’!

  • Dr. Enno’s Soothing Balm: Enno leaps into the air and shoots a poison dart at up to 2-5 enemies that are within 3 cells, applying a stack of Poison and healing adjacent allies for 15-60 per stack.
  • Yoink!: Enno steals the lowest tier item from the enemy crew at the start of combat. Whenever an enemy dies in Enno’s attack range, he loots them if they have a better item equipped. All items return to their original owners at the end of combat.

Build 2 - Rabid Furball

  • Death Spin: Enno leaps into the air and shoots a poison dart at up to 2-5 enemies that are within 3 cells, applying a stack of Poison and dealing 20-55 physical damage per stack.
  • All Out Attack!: Enno lassos the enemy team and launches an All Out Attack! dealing 50-225 physical damage, applying 5 stacks of Poison and displacing them into a random cell.

POISON Added a new status effect, Poisoned. Poisoned units take 15 physical damage per second and healing is reduced by 10% for 5 seconds. Poison effects can stack up to 5 times.

General Changes

  • Improved lighting used by the Underlords.
  • Fixed issues with low resolution textures on the Underlords on mobile.
  • Further fixes to the map not loading when starting a match.
  • Fixed an issue where a dead unit on a cell could prevent a live unit from being selected.
  • Fixed wrong rank icon sometimes being displayed on the post-match screen.
  • Fixed more places where an Underlord’s base ability icon or name would be shown, rather than the version of that ability used by the Underlord build.
  • Added more pizzazz to the Underlord picker.
  • Target Buddy has begrudgingly put away his holiday hat, since it’s apparently “not the season” anymore.

Underlord Changes

  • Jull: fixed Barrels of Fun barrels hitting Spiderlings.
  • Hobgen: fixed enemy Spiderlings causing other enemies to take decreased damage from Implosion and Shockwave.

Unit Changes


  • Venomous Gale: Now applies poison to its targets.

Item Changes

  • Blade Mail: Fixed bonus armor error in description.
  • Orb of Venom: Instead of applying damage, Orb of Venom now applies poison.

Alliance Changes

  • Brute: Fixed an issue where Brutes could switch targets mid-swing.