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Here’s how BB-8 will play in Star Wars Battlefront 2

Plus, a Scarif map returns to Battlefront with the next update

BB-8 on a spacecraft in space in Star Wars: The Last Jedi
BB-8 in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

If you were wondering how BB-8 fits in and can survive in a multiplayer shooter like Star Wars Battlefront 2, well developer EA DICE has answered that question, and more, about the update coming to the game very soon.

The BB Update, as it is known, was originally planned to launch on Thursday, but was postponed for some last-minute bug fixes. It’s now expected early next week.

When it does go live, you may be surprised to find BB-8 considered an offensive hero character. This is because most of Battlefront 2’s Light-side heroes skew to support-type talents, EA DICE noted.

That means BB-8 packs a shock prod (for up-close, melee-type combat) and a “Cable Spin,” in which the droid pirouettes rapidly while extending three tow cables, which lash enemies surrounding him. BB-8 also is very fast and agile, and when capturing a command post with him, he counts as two units, meaning it can be captured a lot faster.

That said, he does have some support qualities, such as a Resistance Backing ability that reveals hidden enemies and increases the damage they take. These enemies also have their radars corrupted.

As for emotes, why, of course BB-8 has the Bic lighter thumbs-up salute he gave Finn in The Force Awakens:

animated gif showing the droid BB-8 extending a blowtorch in a thumbs-up gesture Image: EA DICE/Electronic Arts

On the flip side, did you know that BB-8 has an evil twin, BB-9E? Yeah, I forgot about him, too. He appeared in 2017’s The Last Jedi, and shows up in Battlefront 2’s BB Update as well. Unlike his counterpart, BB-9E is a support character, with a smoke screen and the Charge Up ability. That puts his cattle prod, plus all surrounding friendlies’ blasters, into a super mode where they don’t generate any heat (the reloading mechanism of Battlefront 2) and their ability recharge time is shortened.

DICE’s post has much more on both BB-8 and BB-9E’s abilities and playing style.

February will bring more than the two droids to the game. DICE said Battlefront 2 “will return to the Original Trilogy and the Age of Rebellion.” That means that Scarif, the tropical planet from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, will join the game; it was last seen in 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront reboot.

The Scarif map will be joined by a variation of Battlefront 2’s Capital Supremacy playlist. This one is simply called Supremacy, and involves only ground-based combat — no transitioning from capturing command posts to flying off to board and destroy a capital ship. DICE mentioned that the second Death Star would also be a map getting this new Supremacy game type.

The BB update will also offer a slew of quality-of-life changes, rebalancing, and other adjustments. DICE shares a lot more in a lengthy note to the community, which includes full release notes at the bottom.

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