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The Witcher’s Netflix stunt outtakes are a blast — sometimes literally

Watch them fly through the air with the greatest of ease

There are some shows and movies where you just go “Man, that had to be fun, working on that set.” Well, this series of stunt outtakes from Netflix’s The Witcher, with all of the wires and flying bodies and directors counting down to action time, is the embodiment of that.

Lucy Unger, from The Witcher’s stunt team, put this reel up on YouTube and it’s pretty rad. There are lots of downtime, lighthearted outtakes — the Striga moonwalking and pop-lockin’, for example — but you also get to see folks leaping off trampolines and down a hill, yanked into the air by a harness, and staggering around like they’re being melted by fire before post-production puts on the finishing touches.

Here’s another, shorter montage of heavy action scenes that Unger put on YouTube around the time The Witcher premiered.

Then there’s the actual pyrotechnics, blowing apart the balsa-wood set as stunt-folks soar through the air and various hoodie-wearing production assistants stand ready with the extinguishers. Fun, in other words. I envy the people who got to work on this picture.

Well, OK, maybe I don’t envy the guy wearing tinfoil on his head who gets set on fire. That’s a day’s work for sure. But it’s all a rollicking look behind the scenes, at people selling you entertainment as hard as any pro wrestler does.

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