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Origin crams a gaming PC and a PS4 or an Xbox into the same case

What was once a stunt build is now ready to ship by the end of the month

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A white finish and orange and green LED-illuminated fans complement the Xbox One S version of the Big O. Image: Origin PC
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Origin PC is selling a wild new hybrid gaming device. Called the Big O, it crams a top-of-the-line gaming PC inside the same case as either an Xbox One S or a PlayStation Pro. Machines start at $2,499.

The Big O began as a one-of-a-kind stunt build back in 2018 which was never intended to go on sale. Origin mashed together a gaming PC, a PlayStation 4, and an Xbox One with a custom-built water cooling rig. It then strapped a Nintendo Switch dock to the front, and mailed the whole kit and caboodle off to Unbox Therapy. That reveal video has more than 9.6 million views on YouTube as of publication. With that kind of viral success, why not try to make something a bit more consumer friendly?

To bring the price point — and, I imagine, the manufacturing difficulties — down to Earth, consumers will have to choose between an Xbox or a PS4, with the PS4 version running an additional $146. Either console comes with a standard 1 TB hard drive, which can be upgraded to a solid state drive for an additional cost.

The PC side of this monster is a bit more complicated, as custom PCs tend to be. You’ve got your choice of Windows versions, of course, as well as Intel CPUs up to i9-class chips. You can upgrade from the standard 16 GBs of RAM all the way to 64 GBs for another $254. You can even go hog wild and drop in an Nvidia 24GB GeForce RTX Titan GPU for another $2,519.

The real gem of this build, however, is the custom liquid cooling system. Origin has ginned up a way to use a single watercooler to take care of both the gaming PC and the console itself. Expect whisper quiet operation, which will make it perfect for content creators of all stripes. An internal Elgato 4K60 capture card adds another $489 to the price tag.

Devices are shipping in 14 to 16 business days.