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Watch a Fallout 4 speedrun strategy demonstrated with actual trash

A three-minute explanation on how to shave 40 seconds off your time

a suit of power armor in Fallout 4 Image: Bethesda Softworks

Awesome Games Done Quick, the annual charity speedrunning marathon broadcasting live on Twitch all this week, continues to amaze. Last night’s highlight came from runner tomatoangus, who pulled out all the stops to explain how and why he walks through walls in Fallout 4.

The best part? The visual aid he built out of cardboard and red Solo cups.

Awesome Games Done Quick, also known as AGDQ, isn’t just about breaking world records. It’s also about educating the public about how the world’s best speedrunners bend games to their will. So, about one hour into his run through all five of the single-player Fallout games, runner tomatoangus slowed things down for a brief lecture.

After an elaborate character creation sequence, Fallout 4 puts the main character into a state of suspended animation. That eats up a lot of time, but not nearly as much time as wandering around inside the empty Vault trying to make your way out into the wasteland. To drop a few seconds, speedrunners need to use the game developer’s own safeguards to bypass the entire area.

Step one is working the player character outside of the level’s geometry. Once there, the player begins to fall. But it’s where you land that matters. Hit the right spot, tomatoangus explains, and you can teleport straight to the top floor of the Vault. What follows is a roughly three-minute-long explanation using a visual aid made from trash. The result? About 40 seconds of time saved.

You can watch all of tomatoangus’ glitch explanations for the Fallout 4 speedrun starting at the 32-hour and 45-minute mark, which we’ve embedded below.

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