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The Pathless, from the Abzû team, will be a PS5 launch title

Alongside its PlayStation 4 launch

The Pathless - a figure in red garb stands on a stone balcony, extending one arm and looking at the horizon. A bird rests on one forearm. Image: Giant Squid/Annapurna Interactive

The Pathless is the next game from Giant Squid, the developer of Abzû. The Pathless was already planned to launch on PlayStation 4, but on Thursday, Sony announced that it’ll be available as a launch title on the PlayStation 5.

The Pathless was first announced at the The Game Awards in 2018, and was originally intended for a 2019 release. It has since been delayed, which lined its release window up with the transition to PS5. The Pathless will simultaneously launch with the PS4 version on Nov. 12, too.

In the game, players assume the role of the Hunter, a ranger who sets out to remove a curse on an island. There is no mini-map in the game, and no fast travel; players will have to set out and find their own way to climb structures, solve puzzles, and reach their destination. Exploration rewards the player with crystals, which the Hunter can use to empower her eagle ally.

The Pathless will also be released on Windows PC and iOS.

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