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Sega offers 4 free PC games, including a Yakuza-Streets of Rage mashup

It’s a thank you to fans for 60 years of gaming fun

screen from the Streets of Rage/Yakuza throwback mashup called Streets of Kamuracho
Hey, you got your Yakuza in my Streets of Rage!
Image: Sega
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Have you heard? Sega celebrates its 60th birthday this year. That’s why there’s a Sonic the Hedgehog costume in Fall Guys, and it’s why Steam has a raft of free games for you to pick up between Thursday and next Monday.

The offerings include Streets of Kamurocho, which sounds like Streets of Rage using Yakuza characters. Kiryu and Majima team up to beat-’em-up in a very well rendered, 16-bit tribute to both Sega franchises. It’s free to download and keep, but only from Oct. 17 to Oct. 19.

Another highlight is Golden Axed — a clever title for the actually canceled Golden Axe: Reborn, which Sega Studios Australia was working on about a decade ago. Golden Axe: Reborn was one of several 2.5D remakes planned, which included Altered Beast and Streets of Rage, along with an endless-runner adaptation of Shinobi.

Golden Axed is “a single level created as proof-of-concept, or what’s known in the industry as a ‘vertical slice,’” Sega says on the game’s Steam page. “Golden Axed may be janky, may be buggy, may be an artifact of its time, but it offers a unique glimpse into the prospect of a project that could have been.”

Perhaps because of its small size (and as-is quality), Golden Axed is available for one day only: Oct. 18. Until then, enjoy this trailer:

The other free offerings include Endless Zone, a blend of Amplitude Studios’ Endless Universe with Sega’s ancient Fantasy Zone from the arcade and Master System days — which technically gave the company its first mascot, the space ship Opa-Opa. This side-scrolling shoot-’em-up is available Oct. 16 to Oct. 19.

Beginning tomorrow, and available through Oct. 19, there’s Armor of Heroes, a top-down, multiplayer tank battle that cribs on Relic Entertainment’s long-running Company of Heroes series. Armor of Heroes offers nine game types set in four maps, with destructible scenery and AI opponents. It’s also Remote Play Together compatible.

Three of the titles are developed by The Eccentric Ape. Streets of Kamurocho is developed by Empty Clip, a studio that specializes in retro-style demakes; they did them for Final Fantasy 15 and Dead Island too.

Finally, Sega is offering Nights into Dreams over the next 60 days free to Steam users who link their accounts to their email address through Sega’s official celebration page. That Sega Saturn title, however, does not come with the massive Saturn 3D controller, an artifact that makes The Duke look like a Joy-Con.

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