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Genshin Impact getting three new content updates in the next six months

Take a look at the upcoming Genshin Impact patches

The two main characters in Genshin Impact. Image: Mihoyo
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Genshin Impact is the latest live-service game to hit the mainstream. There’s plenty of content to keep players busy right now, but there’s also plenty of new content coming down the pipeline. Over the next few months, Chinese developer Mihoyo will add new quests, locations, events, and characters to Genshin Impact.

In early October, the studio revealed the game’s upcoming roadmap, which includes numerous patches, complete with a release window and content preview for each. Here’s when you can expect the next drop of Genshin Impact content, and what it includes.

Version 1.1

Mihoyo will launch Genshin Impact patch 1.1 on Nov. 11. According to Mihoyo, the patch will include the new Unreconciled Stars event.

A recent leak of this patch suggested it will also include four new characters, including a Geo five star and a Hydro five star. It’s currently unclear what the Unreconciled Stars event is, and if it includes additional quests.

Version 1.2

The 1.2 patch seems to be the biggest of the three patches. Mihoyo will launch 1.2 on Dec. 23.

1.2 includes a new area, Dragonspine, and all included content (including an unnamed event). This means players will have new materials to farm, new items to sacrifice to the statue and increase their stamina, and a new element for The Traveler.

As with the other patches, there will likely be new characters and story missions as well.

Version 1.3

Mihoyo will launch the 1.3 patch sometime in February 2021.

We know very little about the 1.3 patch, aside from its release window. It will include the Lantern Rite event, and likely some new characters.

Mihoyo will reveal more details around the upcoming patches in the next few weeks and months.

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