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PS5 includes a built-in spoiler warning when sharing screenshots

No spoilers here

On Thursday, Sony offered a first look at the PlayStation 5’s new user interface. In a video published on YouTube (alongside a PlayStation Blog post), the company revealed a bunch of upgrades to the UI — stuff like a new Control Center and Activities feature.

But there was one little detail toward the end of the 12-minute video that’s particularly cool — a small tweak that’ll probably please a lot of players. The feature is a built-in spoiler warning system when sharing screenshots with other PS5 users. Players can share screenshots on various social media platforms, but can also send screenshots and gameplay clips to other users through the PlayStation Network. When doing that, the PS5 will automatically include a spoiler warning for in-game moments that the screenshot receiver hasn’t played yet.

“Here’s a cool detail,” Sony Interactive Entertainment content communications director Sid Shuman said during the video. “If my friend hasn’t yet played the activity where I captured this media, and the game’s developer thinks it might contain spoilers, they’ll receive a warning before they view it.”

It sounds like there’s no need for the sender to mark whether or not it’ll be a spoiler for the person receiving the message, which removes one more step in the spoiler warning process. It’s neat!

Sony didn’t share what the message looks like when the spoiler warning is received, however.

The PlayStation 5 will cost $499 when it’s released on Nov. 12. The discless Digital Edition will cost $399.

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