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Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s new raid hitting in late November

Brave Contest mode for a chance at world first and a sweet new emblem

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Frozen vandal Image: Bungie

Bungie will launch Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s new raid on Nov. 21, over a week after the expansion’s launch.

In Thursday’s weekly blog post, Bungie unveiled details for Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s upcoming raid, helping players prepare for the world’s first race. While we don’t know the name of the raid — only that it takes place on the new Europa location — players can start making plans to adventure into the unknown on Saturday afternoon at 1 p.m. EDT.

Normally Bungie launches the new raid closer to launch, but this Beyond Light raid schedule mirrors Forsaken’s Last Wish raid launch — the hardest raid race in Destiny history. In that two week span, players will need to grind their way to 1230 Power in order to keep pace through the entire raid.

As with previous raids, Bungie will implement Contest Mode for the first 24 hours, forcing players to compete 20 Power below the boss’ level. Even if players manage to grind higher than 1230, entering the raid will adjust them to the temporary cap to increase the difficulty. It’s worth noting that the Artifact power bonus — gained via experience rather than gear — won’t work during Contest Mode.

As always, Bungie will reward the first team to defeat the final boss with a Destiny 2 championship belt (yes, like the wrestling ones). But the studio did warn players that it may take longer to verify the winners than usual. While not explicitly stated, this likely has something to do with the rise in cheaters over the past year.

Destiny 2 purple Contest Mode raid emblem
This emblem is only for the best players, those who can beat the raid during Contest Mode
Image: Bungie

In addition to the usual loot that comes from a raid — which should be all new in Beyond Light — players who complete the raid in the first 24 hours can get a unique emblem, seen above.

Destiny 2 red standard raid emblem
All players who beat the raid can earn this emblem
Image: Bungie

All players who eventually manage to complete the new raid — a day after Contest ends or a year — can earn the standard raid emblem, seen above.

Without knowing how quickly Guardians can grind up to the appropriate level, it’s currently unclear if Bungie is giving players two weeks because they’ll need it to hit 1230 by Nov. 21, or if they just don’t want players rushing through all the new content to compete. Either way, the raid will likely be very hard during Contest Mode, and players will need to ensure their teammates are up to the task before heading in.

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