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Animal Crossing fans are doing the ‘float challenge’

Float like a butterfly

An Animal Crossing player does the ‘floating challenge’ Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Twitter/li_acrossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has no jump button — but that isn’t stopping folks participating in the #acFloatChallenge hashtag. The photo challenge was started in late 2020 by Instagram user cybearizons, who tasked other players with creating the best images of villagers catching air.

To pull it off, fans must hop off an object, such as a chair or a bed. You can also use a beach towel with a pattern that makes the object nearly invisible for added effect. From there, players have to quickly take a picture with the camera app. Some folks also opt to take video and then select the specific frame where things look best. And, it’s often recommended that the player close their eyes for the shot, for some added serenity vibes. If done correctly, it’ll seem like the character is floating, which can lead to some great pictures. It’s trickier than it sounds, though.

“I had to start over several times before getting the good one,” says Twitter user Lili, a French Animal Crossing player who provided the top image in this post. “My storage space was full afterwards,” she added.

Folks are using props like balloons and umbrellas, along with star fragments and other furniture items, to create otherworldly imagery of characters who seem to have special powers.

The extremely popular challenge has been going on for a couple of months now, with new entries trickling in on Twitter and Instagram every day. It’s especially cool to see folks recreate movie scenes including everything from Star Wars to Mary Poppins. You can catch some of our favorites below.

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