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3 of Hollywood’s biggest documentarians secretly made a coronavirus doc

Covering the government’s “lies, secrets, conspiracies, denial and coverups” about the virus

Totally Under Control trailer

Three respected documentarians secretly filmed a documentary about the United States’ botched response to the COVID-19 pandemic, film distributor Neon announced on Friday. The documentary, titled Totally Under Control, will be available on demand on Oct. 13 before heading to Hulu on Oct. 20.

Alex Gibney (Going Clear, The Inventor), Ophelia Harutyunyan (Standing8, Red Apples), and Suzanne Hillinger (How To Fix An Election) secretly collaborated on the project, interviewing “countless scientists, medical professionals, and government officials on the inside,” according to a trailer that Neon tweeted on Friday alongside the announcement. The portrait the trailer paints is one of total mismanagement, fear of retribution for not falling in line with President Donald Trump, and avoidable chaos, with one interviewee putting it succinctly as, “It’s complete bullshit.”

The documentary purports to expose “the lies, the secrets, the conspiracies, the deceit, the denial, the coverups” involved in the coronavirus crisis. “It is time to lay our careers on the line,” one man interviewed for the project says in the trailer. “The truth is that political leaders caused avoidable death and destruction,” says another.

The trailer comes just hours after the President and first lady announced that they had tested positive for COVID-19, after months of denying its severity.

Totally Under Control will be available on VOD platforms starting Oct. 13. It will stream on Hulu starting Oct. 20.

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