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Doom Eternal includes a shoutout to Vtuber Inugami Korone

Somebody at id Software is a fan of the dog girl

Dog girl Inugami Korone streams Doom Image: Hololive via Polygon

Doom Eternal’s new expansion has a special reference to popular Vtuber Inugami Korone.

A Reddit user discovered that when you press the X button three times, a special Doom logo appears, though it reads “DOOG.” It makes sense if you’ve followed Inugami’s streams.

When her fans suggested she play Doom back in early April, she and her fans declared her playthrough to be “doog,” since her avatar is a dog-girl — you can see her canine ears over her hair, for example. Her YouTube channel and associated playlists now use thumbnails of her playing Doom with some silly doog branding.

Inugami Korone is one of the members of Hololive Gamers, a branch of the popular Vtube production agency that focuses on the girls playing games. All four of the members of Hololive Gamers follow an animal-girl motif. Hololive’s talent has become more and more popular over the past few months, with Kiryu Coco breaking YouTube superchat records. Hololive has expanded their roster to include girls in China and Indonesia, along with a new crew of girls that primarily speak English in their streams, too.

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