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Smash Bros. patches out Minecraft Steve’s meat

RIP Steve’s Meat, 2020-2020

framegrab of Minecraft Steve’s victory screen showing suggestive placement of his pickaxe Image: Nintendo via Xenobia/YouTube

Minecraft Steve’s introduction to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was met with much fanfare, and it wasn’t entirely because of his unprecedented inclusion into the party fighting game. Fans soon discovered that Steven’s end-of-match win screen had him holding a piece of meat which, if paused at exactly the right moment, seemed like an NSFW pose.

Well, now it’s gone. Fans who have downloaded the recent Smash Bros. patch discovered that Steve now eats the hunk of meat and then is left holding nothing when the camera zooms in, as you can see in this clip by Twitter user Plun_Yu.

Nintendo didn’t just update Smash Bros. to tweak an animation, of course. Version 9.0.1, which is available for download now, has a variety of Steve-related bug fixes. Many of these changes are related to the blocky fighter’s previously wonky minecart move. Curiously, however, the official patch notes make no mention of any changes related to Steve’s meat.

Yes, folks are sad. But all the attention that this silly detail garnered meant that Nintendo probably couldn’t ignore it.