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Dolly Parton is here to save Christmas with her new Netflix movie

This is not hyperbole

If you thought your holiday season would be dull and lacking the sparkle it has in a normal year, don’t worry. Dolly Parton heard our pleas, and she’s coming to save Christmas with an all-new musical featuring 14 of her own original songs. Titled Christmas on the Square, the movie musical hits Netflix on Nov. 22.

Does Christmas on the Square lift beats from basically every holiday movie out there, with its grumpy businesswoman threatening some sort of property eviction from a quaint small town but having some sort of mythical figure come to her to get her to change her ways? Yes. Yes, it does. But that businesswoman is played by the Mamma Mia Cinematic Universe’s very own Christine Baranski and that mythical figure is Dolly Parton as an angel, so really, bring on the cliches and turn up the glitter.

This marks Dolly Parton’s second Netflix collaboration. Previously, she executive-produced Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings, an anthology series where each episode was inspired by one of her songs.

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