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The Brotherhood of Steel is back in the new teaser for Fallout 76’s Steel Dawn update

Get ready to fight more Super Mutants with the Brotherhood

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Fallout 76 is getting a major new content update and it looks like the Brotherhood of Steel will be the main focus this time around. The new update will be called Steel Dawn and it was announced with brief teaser trailer on Friday morning.

The teaser starts off with someone being chased through the Wasteland by a super mutant, but just before the mutant reaches them they’re saved by someone in Power Armor. From there the trailer cuts to a few different shots of members of the Brotherhood of Steel throughout the Fallout 76 world, including a group taking on a Super Mutant Behemoth and a few glimpses of what seems to be the Brotherhood’s Appalachian headquarters.

Beyond that there isn’t too much to be gleaned from this brief tease, but we at least know we’ll be dealing with the Brotherhood this time around. Like every new Fallout 76 content update, there are sure to be plenty of new characters and locations. Players will probably even get to visit the Brotherhood fort we see at the end of the trailer.

The Brotherhood of Steel hasn’t been a major part of Fallout 76 up to this point, but that doesn’t mean they’ve been absent from the game either. We know quite a bit of backstory about the Appalachian chapter of the Brotherhood, and about Elizabeth Taggerdy who founded the local chapter. While they weren’t a huge part of the main game, the Brotherhood did pop up in a small update that arrived in late July and seemed to be laying the groundwork for Steel Dawn.

Fallout 76’s Steel Dawn content update will be arriving sometime in the near future, but the trailer didn’t give away the exact release date just yet.

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