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Apex Legends is getting a new map and a new Legend for season 7

Get ready for Olympus

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Apex Legends season 7 is called Ascension, and Respawn Entertainment has finally revealed the first real details on it. The game’s upcoming season will be the biggest of the year, with a new map, a new Legend, and even a vehicle.

The largest change that Ascension will bring is the addition of a new map called Olympus. According to the season’s teaser website, Olympus is a giant city in the clouds, but its height also makes it precarious to navigate, since it’s a long fall if you make the wrong jump. While that’s the only tease we have of the map so far, Respawn says that it will have more to reveal as we get closer to the season’s launch.

Season 7’s new character is named Horizon, who has been teased for the last several days. Horizon is a brilliant scientist who is sure to bring all of her experimental astrophysics expertise to the Apex Games. She’s already used a black hole in the Stories from the Outlands video, and that could potentially be part of her kit by the time she makes it to Apex Legends.

The Ascension preview site also has something extra surprising on it — something called the Trident. This is apparently a new addition to the game made especially for Olympus. There’s a brief description of The Trident on the website, which offers a few more clues.

“Olympus is a big place,” the site reads. “Cover ground faster with the Trident. Plenty of room for the whole squad!”

In other words, it seems like a drivable vehicle may be headed for Apex Legends as part of season 7. But just like the Olympus preview itself, we’ll have to wait until Respawn has a little more to say about the season before we know any real details. Apex Legends season 7 is set to arrive on Nov. 4 — the same day the game launches on Steam.

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