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Rainbow Six Siege’s Halloween event is full of murder Muppets

Respawns come to Rainbow Six Siege with Sugar Fright

Ubisoft will shake things up with its new Rainbow Six Siege Halloween event, Sugar Fright, which runs Oct. 27 through Nov. 10.

In Sugar Fright, players will enter into a colorful new map and select one of 10 Operators-turned-puppets. The teams battle against each other to see who can collect 50 candy from the bodies of their fallen enemies — similar to Kill Confirmed modes in Call of Duty. But for the first time in Rainbow Six Siege history, players can respawn after they die.

The mode still uses attackers and defenders, with IQ, Zofia, Nomad, Capitao, and Thermite on the attacking side, and Frost, Pulse, Ela, Castle, and Goyo on the defending team. But even the Operators are a bit different. They may have the same abilities, but they look like puppets straight from Sesame Street — although with Rainbow Six Siege’s M rating, perhaps Avenue Q is more apt.

These skins will auto-activate during the Sugar Fright event, but players can unlock them permanently through special Sugar Fright Packs or Operator Bundles. Players can buy Sugar Fright Packs with in-game or real-money currency, or earn them via challenges during Sugar Fright.

This is a big shift in tone for the otherwise straight military shooter. And it’s nice to see Ubisoft taking a sillier approach with one of its more serious franchises.

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