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Destiny 2 fans think they’re returning to a familiar location, thanks to leaked image

Destiny fans’ latest conspiracy theory has some interesting legs

Destiny 2 - destroyed Tower, Earth Image: Bungie
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

With just two weeks until Destiny 2: Beyond Light and the start of Year 4, Destiny fans are on edge, waiting for new content. But over the weekend, players discovered some new, official-looking art that suggests two twists are coming just before Beyond Light: a healed Traveler and the return of the original Tower location.

During the Red War campaign at the launch of Destiny 2, the Red Legion enemies destroyed the Tower — the primary social space in the original Destiny — and captured the Traveler — the mysterious space machine that gives Guardians their power. By the end the campaign, the Traveler awoke, freeing itself but fracturing off a few pieces, which have since orbited around it in the sky.

Players also reclaimed a different tower in the Last City, with a completely new layout. And aside from getting hit by a spaceship earlier this year, the new tower has served Guardians just fine — although many, myself included, still miss the openness of the original Tower.

On Saturday, Destiny fans uncovered some official Bungie art from a reliable source: the PlayStation Store.

Destiny 2 leaked art
You can see the restored Traveler at the top, and Guardians positioned just under the old Tower
Image: PlayStation via Raid Secrets subreddit

The image above is small, and may look pretty bland for non-Destiny fans. But those with a keen eye will notice two things. The old Tower and the Traveler — both damaged during the Red War — now seem to be back to normal.

On its face, this could be some creative license taken to make the art look a bit cleaner, but this isn’t the first time Bungie has teased a healed Traveler. In early June, Bungie announced Beyond Light and the Destiny Content Vault, where the studio will retire aging content and bring back content from the original Destiny. In that blog post, we got a look at the game’s new Director screen in Beyond Light.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Director Year 4
Look at the completely spherical Traveler in this image
Image: Bungie

The image above — the new Director as of Nov. 10 — shows a healed Traveler.

The current Destiny 2 Director pre-Beyond Light
Compare the Traveler in this image — the current Director — to the one above. It’s clearly broken.
Image: Bungie

But the image of the current Director shows what players have seen for the past three years: the damaged Traveler. This evidence seems to suggest that players will — directly or indirectly — repair the Traveler during Year 4.

The return to the old Tower has significantly less evidence. Aside from the leaked image, a Destiny dataminer has suggested something big is coming soon. In a deleted tweet, streamer Parisito leaked some clues about an upcoming event in Destiny 2. This came shortly after a long maintenance period in Destiny 2, which players think could be hiding the revised Tower or some secret content. Before they deleted the tweet, it mentioned some codenames that players assumed corresponded to areas in the old Tower. Parisito would only comment “soon” when players asked for more details.

Broken Traveler Destiny 2
The Traveler is currently pretty busted in Destiny 2
Image: Bungie via Polygon

It’s not clear if anything will ever come of this elaborate leak. But Bungie does seem to be hiding something, and players have found a secret emblem called “Calamity Protocol,” which comes from an “end-of-season event.”

Something will happen just before the launch of Destiny 2’s next expansion. And while it certainly could be a restored Tower and a rebuilt Traveler, we probably won’t know for another two weeks. But Bungie will reveal its pre-Beyond Light ViDoc on Tuesday morning, possibly showing off the new art and a potential return to the Tower.