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Breath of the Wild, modded so every single enemy is a Golden Lynel

It’s almost impossible to handle

Lynels are the toughest challenge The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has to offer, Ganon notwithstanding. Golden Lynels, which are exclusive to Breath of the Wild’s Master Mode, are even worse.

In Master Mode, enemies are stronger, they regain health, and can even one-hit kill Link. What makes Golden Lynels manageable, however, is that there are only a limited number of them in the base game. Not so in streamer PointCrow’s recent Twitch broadcast, the highlights of which have been uploaded to YouTube. The intrepid BotW expert, who we’ve covered before, tweaked the game so that every single enemy becomes the tough-as-nails Golden Lynel.

It’s a hoot to watch him try and take them on, because even if he’s got the Lynel in front of him under control, there are usually a handful of others trying to snipe him from afar. Initially, there’s a lot of running away, especially as PointCrow visits areas clustered with enemies. Eventually, however, he has to get the Hylian shield — which means taking on multiple Golden Lynels in confined spaces.

Spoiler: PointCrow absolutely dies. There’s a death counter during the stream and everything. During one portion, he steps within the confines of an island surrounded by Lynels who all activate at the same time, causing a massive unavoidable explosion. Just watching the Lynels spawn in is a lot of fun. A recommended watch.

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