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Bungie details Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt in new Beyond Light roadmap

Check out the scheduled events coming to Destiny 2 with this new calendar

Destiny 2 Season of the Hunt Uldren Sov Image: Bungie via YouTube

On Tuesday morning, Bungie launched its new “ViDoc,” a 15 minute video previewing a bunch of new content coming soon to Destiny 2. The studio spoke about the season launching alongside Destiny 2: Beyond Light, called Season of the Hunt. In a separate blog post, the studio revealed the roadmap for the next few months in Destiny 2.

In Season of the Hunt, players will work alongside Osiris and Uldren Sov — now going by The Crow — to stop Xivu Arath from amassing an army of Darkness. Players have never really encountered Oryx’s second sister, Xivu Arath, in-game before, so this should be a completely new story for players.

This will be the first time players have encountered Uldren since his resurrection as a Guardian back in Destiny 2: Forsaken. It seems that his resurrection is unknown in the Guardian community, as Ghost expresses some surprise at Uldren’s appearance in the trailer. According to senior design lead Lars Bakken, Uldren is also unaware of his actions in Destiny 2: Forsaken — meaning he has no idea he’s responsible for the death of Cayde-6 and opening of the Dreaming City. His appearance here also debunks the theory that he’s actually Shaw Han, the new vendor in the Cosmodrome.

Destiny 2 Season of the Hunt Beyond Light roadmap calendar
The Destiny 2 calendar for the next two months
Image: Bungie

Alongside the new season story, players will take on a new activity: Wrathborn Hunts. While it’s not exactly clear what this event entails, we do know it will stick around after Season of the Hunt and until The Witch Queen expansion launches in 2021. Unlike seasonal activities in Year 3, players can catch up on Season of the Hunt content well into 2021.

According to the roadmap, the Season of the Hunt activities won’t launch until a week after Beyond Light on Nov. 10. On Nov. 17, players can team up with Uldren and Osiris to thwart Xivu Arath’s scheme. When Beyond Light initially launches, players can jump to Europa, start the new season pass, play the Glassway Strike, and experience Empire Hunt. It’s not clear if Empire Hunt is the name of the Beyond Light campaign or a new activity on Europa.

Trials of Osiris will offer new Adept weapons on Nov. 13, the Friday of Beyond Light. A week later, players can dive into the Deep Stone Crypt raid for the first time. We’re currently unsure if the raid is actually called “Deep Stone Crypt,” or if it will have a different name at launch.

The season’s first Iron Banner will start Dec. 8 — launching alongside the next-gen console version of Destiny 2. The Christmas holiday event, the Dawning, will run from Dec. 15 to Jan. 5 of next year. The calendar also clearly labels what is Beyond Light specific and what is free for all players.

One section of the roadmap just says “uncover Europa’s Secrets from Nov. 10 to Jan. 1.” This seems to suggest players will have various Exotic quests and secret missions in that timeframe.

The calendar also reveals the name of all the Exotics coming in the next few months:

  • Hawkmoon
  • Cloudstrike
  • No Time to Explain
  • Duality
  • Salvation’s Grip
  • The Lament
  • Icefall Mantle
  • Mask of Bakris
  • Athyrs’s Embrace
  • Dawn Chorus
  • Necrotic Grip
  • Precious Scars

Thanks to a trailer from a few weeks ago, we have a good idea of what most of these weapons and armor pieces do. We’re still not sure what Hawkmoon will look like in Destiny 2, although we know it’ll be slightly different than it was in the original Destiny. And this is the first official word on whatever the Duality Exotic is.

Based on the roadmap, it seems Destiny 2 players will have quite a lot to do starting Nov. 10 and running through the beginning of 2021.

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