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Classic competitive Tetris coming to Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect: Connected pays homage to classic NES version

A screenshot of Tetris Effect’s Classic Score Attack mode between two players Image: Enhance/The Tetris Company
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Tetris Effect, Enhance’s surprisingly emotional version of classic puzzle game Tetris, is getting competitive and cooperative multiplayer in November with an updated version called Tetris Effect: Connected. It’s also getting a new mode with classic, NES-era Tetris rules — the type that the pros use at the Classic Tetris World Championships.

When it comes to Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on Nov. 10, Tetris Effect: Connected will include three new multiplayer modes:

  • Connected: where three players team up and connect their play fields to battle AI-controlled bosses
  • Zone Battle: a one-on-one match of standard competitive Tetris, but Tetris Effect’s time-stopping Zone mechanic
  • Score Attack: a versus mode, where two players compete for high scores

A variation of Score Attack, called Classic Score Attack, uses the rules of Nintendo’s Tetris for the Nintendo Entertainment System: no hard drop, no hold queue, random Tetromino generation, and Tetrominos lock instantly when they touch a surface. Classic Score Attack also reskins the playfield for a pixelated, old-school look.

Tetris Effect: Connected’s multiplayer modes will come to Oculus Quest, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC (on the Epic Games Store) as part of a free update in summer 2021. For a closer look at Tetris Effect: Connected’s co-op and competitive modes, check out the gallery below.

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