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Part Time UFO is now on Nintendo Switch, full time

Strange visitor will help Earthlings for extra cash

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Part Time UFO, the totes adorbs physics puzzle about a stranded UFO working in Earth’s gig economy, is available on Nintendo Switch right now. The game, by Kirby series developers HAL Laboratory, debuted on mobile platforms in 2018.

On Switch, Part Time UFO will support two-player local cooperative play through the console’s two Joy-Con controllers, Nintendo said. The game was announced during Wednesday morning’s Nintendo Direct Mini.

In Part Time UFO, players steer a cute flying saucer — with a huge grappling claw — through numerous colorful levels, helping humankind on all kinds of job sites for low pay. Gigs include stacking up cheerleaders, excavating an archaeological dig, and scooping ice cream. Side modes include an exploration level and an infinite-stacking challenge.

Part Time UFO launched in Japan at the end of 2017 as Hataraku UFO. It was the first game by HAL’s mobile unit, HAL Egg. It launched in the west on iPhones and Androids in February 2018 as a premium title.

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