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Apex Legends shows off new Olympus map in the season 7 launch trailer

The trailer also has a preview of Horizon’s abilities

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Apex Legends is heading to a city in the clouds. The game’s latest trailer for the upcoming season 7 gives players their first look at the new Olympus map, the new Legend Horizon, and the first drivable vehicle in Apex Legends.

Based on the snippets we see in the trailer, it seems Olympus is a high-tech city that floats high above the surface of whatever planet it’s on. Unlike some of Apex’s more terrestrial maps, this one is covered in luscious green grass and brightly colored flora, rather than the dirt and mud that’s covered large parts of the game’s other maps. The trailer also shows off the new Trident vehicle, which seems like a cross between a car and a hovercraft.

Alongside the sights of Olympus, the trailer also gives us our first real introduction to Horizon, the game’s newest Legend. Like many of the characters in the Apex Games, Horizon is a technical genius and she puts that knowledge to good use in the arena. She’s fashioned herself all kinds of tools and gadgets to help her win, including a machine that appears to generate a miniature black hole that sucks in anything nearby.

All these additions will arrive in Apex Legends as part of season 7, which is set to start on Nov. 4.

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