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The Sea of Thieves gets a scary season for Halloween

Turning ARRRR into AHHHH!

Sea of Thieves - skeleton statues with glowing green lights look over a heart in a cage. Image: Rare/Microsoft Studios
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Sea of Thieves is changing for the Halloween season in the game’s new update, Fate of the Damned. Whenever Halloween rolls around, the developers roll out a theme of the damned, with lore surrounding the game’s skeletons and new threats in the world. This year’s event incorporates previous components from previous Halloweens, but has a lot of new stuff for pirates to explore.

The Bilge Rat representative Larinna will offer a series of voyages to find members of her missing crew. Rare explains that Larinna will offer a different Voyage each week to the four different regions of the map. As players explore the four zones, they’ll “meet some familiar faces and learn more about the skeletons’ foul rituals.”

Players who progress through these Voyages and overcome those challenges will earn a rich bounty of rewards, including a Ritual Skull that allows them to initiate a raid on the Fort of the Damned.

There will also be a new in-game menu that allows players to track events that happen around the world. The Sea of Thieves interface is usually very minimal, with few clues as to how a skeleton raid or Ashen Lord fight is going.

The full patch notes are on Rare’s site, and they include quality of life improvements, new Soulflame gear, and a quieter Captain Flameheart cloud, who will stop hollering real loud at everyone in his general vicinity.

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