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Final Fantasy 16 characters and story details revealed

Mothercrystals, Eikons, and possibly doomed sibling relationships

Clive Rosfield walks towards the viewer, sword in hand, with his other arm enveloped by scales and flames. Two fiery beasts lunge at each other behind him. Image: Square Enix

The official website for Final Fantasy 16 launched Thursday morning, including tons of details expanding on information from the reveal trailer.

For one, we learn the protagonist’s name: Clive Rosfield. He is indeed the older brother of the red-wearing child from the trailer, Joshua Rosfield. There’s also Jill Warrick, a childhood friend to the Rosfield brothers, who isn’t from their homeland but was raised alongside them. The character bios hint at a tragedy that occurs between the two brothers involving Ifrit that causes Clive to start on a “dangerous road to revenge.” Uh-oh.

Joshua is a Dominant, meaning he has the ability to call upon his nation’s related Eikon, Phoenix. Most nations in the world of Valisthea are built around Mothercrystals, huge crystal mountains that supply aether to the areas around them. Each Mothercrystal has an affiliated Eikon, which Final Fantasy fans will recognize as the summons (or primals or eidolons) from previous games.

Each Eikon picks a Dominant to bestow its power upon, and while some nations hold their Dominants to high positions and praise, other nations condemn theirs.

Final Fantasy 16 is in development on PlayStation 5; publisher Square Enix has yet to announce a release window. The original trailer for the game said that it would also be released on Windows PC, although Square Enix later removed the mention of the PC platform from the trailer and has not commented on the existence of a PC version.

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