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Netflix’s new animated series has major Mandalorian vibes

My Dad the Bounty Hunter takes to the stars

My Dad the Bounty Hunter key art Image: Netflix / Dwarf Animation Studio
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Netflix is set to debut another CG animated series, and it looks like a family-friendly take on The Mandalorian. This show is My Dad the Bounty Hunter, and it’s backed by a ton of Black talent, including Everett Downing of Hair Love, Russell Hornsby, and Yvonne Orji. Patrick Harpin, of the Hotel Transylvania series, is also involved with the project.

The show kicks off when the galaxy’s toughest bounty hunter takes off of Earth to go about hunting down baddies and surviving sci-fi laser fights. Unfortunately for him, his two kids have tagged along, and now the three of them have to get out of trouble — both in the wild, cutthroat world of bounty hunting, and with the family’s mom.

My Dad the Bounty Hunter reveal poster Image: Netflix / Dwarf Animation Studio

My Dad the Bounty Hunter is a love letter to animation, science fiction, and Black families rolled into a crazy action-comedy,” Downing and Harpin said in a combined statement. “We threw everything we love about sci-fi into this show, but it’s the family at the center of the story that we’re most excited about.”

This setup looks very familiar to Star Wars fans, and brings The Mandalorian to mind ... but it has all the freshness of a new IP, which should be interesting. My Dad the Bounty Hunter joins Netflix’s animated lineup, which includes both new films and TV shows, but there is no release date provided for the series quite yet.

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