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Genshin Impact to add reputation system, characters, more

Plus, a PS5 version

title card for genshin impact, showing one of its anime-styled characters Image: Mihoyo

Genshin Impact’s big 1.1 update drops Nov. 11, and with it comes a number of new additions that will expand the roster, storyline, and gameplay mechanics. Four new characters will be added to the mix, including Childe and Zhongli, both of which will be 5-star rank. Developer Mihoyo is calling the patch, “A New Star Approaches.”

Childe is a Hydro archer who can switch between melee and ranged modes, while Zhongli makes use of a Geo pole arm, focuses on strong area of of effect, and is more defense-based — to wit, Zhongli can petrify enemies. Two 4-star rank characters will also be added: Xinyan and Diona, though no information was shared on what to expect from them.

The biggest inclusion might be a new city-specific Reputation system, which is tied to the different regions the player can visit. Building your rep can unlock rewards and region-exclusive items and customizations.

New mechanics in 1.1 include a portable waypoint, portable stove, treasure compass, and something called “oculus resonance stones,” which developer Mihoyo says will be “useful for exploring, surviving, and battling.”

Notably, there will also be a series of quests which end the Liyue chapter of the main storyline.

A seasonal event will also launch with the patch — Unreconciled Stars. It will let players take on a new threat over the course of two weeks, where quests and co-op challenges can earn players big rewards, such as a 4-star version of Fischl.

Finally, Genshin Impact will be available on PS5 via backward compatibility, with improved graphics and faster load times.

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