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Nintendo’s Mario Cafe — and its food — looks fantastic

Super Nintendo World opens next year

The Mario Cafe at Super Nintendo World. Image: Nintendo

Super Nintendo World, the video game theme park opening in Osaka at Universal Studios Japan, is officially opening its doors in spring 2021. Nintendo is opening an eatery and shopping area in a section of the park on October 16, where fans can indulge red and green delicacies modeled after the two famous Mario brothers, to celebrate the occasion.

According to Nintendo, the park segment will have ? blocks, mushroom tables, and callbacks to Mario levels that might seem familiar if you’ve played the classic platforming games.

But the real allure has to be the food, like the fruit and cream-filled pancake sandwiches that resemble the plumbers’ hats.

A Mario-themed pancake sandwich. Image: Nintendo

There are also Mario and Luigi drinks that appear to give you mustaches while you sip from their straws, along with mushroom-shaped bottles.

Mario-themed drinks at Super Nintendo World. Image: Nintendo.

In the announcement post, Nintendo shares some mock-ups of what people can expect in the shopping area, along with some accessories that fans will be able to purchase, like a Mario cushion.

When the theme park opens, visitors will be able to enjoy character meet-and-greets and go on rides that take after Mario Kart and Yoshi. Fittingly said attractions will somehow let folks keep score on a console. Eventually, Super Nintendo World will also incorporate Bowser and Princess Peach based areas.