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No Man’s Sky extinction accidentally creates Halloween attraction

Who needs pumpkins?

Former No Man’s Sky pumpkin patch. Image: Hello Games via No Man’s Sky Wiki/Galactic Geographic

Every update makes the universe in No Man’s Sky change, and inevitably, some flora and fauna will go extinct. Sometimes, that means folks who moved somewhere to see a specific creature will find themselves packing their bags. But this time, extinction actually made a base more seasonally appropriate.

Two years ago, No Man’s Sky player 7101334 (also known as Galactic Geographic) set up a base on a planet residing in the Euclid galaxy. The strip of land, which was dotted with orange gourd-like growths, almost looked like a pumpkin patch. And so players began to call the terrain “Euclidian Hallows.”

Fast forward to 2020, and the No Man’s Sky Origins update eradicated all the alien pumpkins, leaving behind a desolate-looking base. Combined with a different earlier update, the former pumpkin patch is now lit up with bioluminescent minerals and tendrils that make the environment way creepier than the original incarnation. Peek these before and after pictures uploaded by the base builder himself. It almost looks like a haunted house at a carnival or something.

Players are now treating the base like a seasonal haunted house of sorts, which has been preserved as a “historical site” according to the No Man’s Sky wiki. While the natural pumpkins are gone, the base builder tried revitalizing the area with orange lanterns and man-made pumpkin statues. There is also an art installation with a malevolent-looking eye that follows you as you walk around.

Maybe extinction isn’t such a bad thing after all.