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Ghost of Tsushima’s next patch lets you pet (and recruit) dogs

Assemble an army of very good boys

Jin stands next to a hot spring in Ghost of Tsushima beginner’s guide Image: Sucker Punch Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon
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Sucker Punch Productions is preparing a very exciting patch for Ghost of Tsushima. In version 1.1, the player will be able to equip a Charm of Canine Recruitment that allows you to pet dogs and then recruit them to your side as allies.

This is the most important addition with patch 1.1; the second most important is the co-op mode which includes modes for both two and four players. You’ll be able to pet good dogs in those mods as well.

There are still a few questions remaining. For one, this Charm is only available in New Game + mode, which seems a bit odd. Why wouldn’t the player want to equip and pet every dog they find throughout their first playthrough?

Patch 1.1 also adds new powerful charms, a new horse, and a new merchant who sells exclusive dyes and vanity items to New Game plus. In the weeks following launch, a multiplayer raid will release for those interested in a new challenge. The patch is set to arrive on Oct. 16.

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