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No Man’s Sky’s Origins update has created trippy, bugged out worlds

Geez, why does Sean Murray let you have TWO planets?

No Man’s Sky - a player approaches a giant world, clenched in jaws. Image: Hello Games via
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No Man’s Sky’s Origins update was meant to change planets up, but Hello Games might have taken things a little too far. Players have been reporting wild bugs, like the manifestation of a double planet that a player could — and did — jump between.

Ramrod312 posted a bananas video on Reddit where he traverses one of these bubble planets; they have spawned so close to one another that they can be traversed between on foot. Of course, there are still atmospheres and such, so the journey bends physics. It’s wild to witness. The video has since received nearly 10,000 upvotes on Reddit.

Ramrod also posted a portal code to the world, allowing others to take the same journey, albeit with a warning: “Be safe, it’ll be easy to fall endlessly to your death.”

These planets have been manifesting since the Origins update on on Sept. 23; players have even found planets that are smashed into each other with no distance at all. These double planets have become a popular tourist destination for players looking to check out a very strange sight. Even sandworms have been spotted jumping between connected planets.

There are other odd manifestations out there since Origins. Another pilot on the PlayStation 4, MavDrake, discovered a single planet where a massive pair of jaws are clenched around a world. While MavDrake didn’t land, he did some external tests. “It’s not attached to the planet and seemed to be no different than any other random space anomaly that triggers an alert while in pulse drive,” he told Polygon via direct message on Reddit. “It is incredibly large. Your ship is tiny in its mouth.”

It seems as though players are largely OK with these bugs. It helps that No Man’s Sky doesn’t gate progress behind any one specific planet, so people are free to move around on their own. The top rated comment on Ramrod312’s post, with 1.4k upvotes, reads: “This is actually really cool although it’s a bug it’s kind of the reality shredding madness that I want to see more of in NMS. We should absolutely come across things we can’t explain and which mess with physics, space and time.”

It’s worth noting that Elite Dangerous — which includes some 400 billion star systems in its game world, — has had similar bugs in the past, including at least one instance of two moons passing through one another.

Players are working to unravel the secrets of No Man’s Sky’s Origins patch, including the new sandworms and biomes out there in the galaxy. However, some of the most awe inspiring sights in the new patch were never intended — but players are nevertheless fascinated by these strange new worlds.

We’ve reached out to Hello Games for more information, and will update this article should we receive a response.

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