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Destiny 2 looks to be getting more Darkness subclasses after Beyond Light

According to game director Luke Smith and a plural S in-game

Shadebinder Warlock with their ice staff in Destiny 2: Beyond Light Image: Bungie
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In the first few days of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, one thing is clear: Stasis is the first Darkness subclass, not the last.

The best confirmation of this multi-Darkness subclass theory comes from Luke Smith, Destiny 2’s game director. But there are also some nice hints in-game as well.

Editor’s note: This post contains minor spoilers for Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

On Twitch’s show, The Weekly, Luke Smith appeared for a short interview prior to Beyond Light’s launch. On the show, he said players will acquire Stasis, the “first of the Darkness subclasses.”

“There will always be new things that we’re going to add to expansion sets,” said Smith.

Now that Stasis is out in the wild with Beyond Light, Smith’s words make a bit more sense. Once players finish the new campaign in Destiny 2’s latest expansion, they’ll unlock the Stasis power for their character. But players don’t select Stasis in their character menu the same way as the prior three subclasses.

Destiny 2: Darkness Subclasses menu
There are two different nodes in the menu, depending on if you’re wielding Light or Darkness
Image: Bungie via Polygon

The subclass menu now has two nodes to it: Light Subclasses and Darkness Subclasses. Note the s on the end of “Darkness Subclasses” — Subclasses is plural here. If players select the Light Subclass option, their character gets a white backdrop and they can freely swap between Arc, Solar, and Void, as they’ve done for years. But choosing Darkness Subclasses moves the Light Subclass selection into a solitary node and shifts the background color to black. Stasis stands alone here, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll stay that way.

Stasis is a brand new set of abilities in Destiny 2, letting Guardians sling ice everywhere as they stomp across the battlefield. It’s currently not clear what other Darkness elements there could be, but players will likely find out over the next few years.

While we know new Darkness subclasses are coming to Destiny 2 in the future, we doubt we’ll see anymore until at least 2021’s expansion, The Witch Queen.

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