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PS5’s ‘Queued for Download’ error causing major problems

Time to enter Safe Mode

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War in the PS5 store with Queued for Download Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon
Russ Frushtick is the director of special projects, and he has been covering the world of video games and technology for over 15 years. He co-founded Polygon in 2012.

The PlayStation 5 is finally out in the world, but one major issue has cropped up that is causing a lot of people headaches on launch day: the so-called Queued for Download error.

The error occurs when you try to download a certain game that you already own, but the download simply won’t start. In our example, pictured above, we tried to download the PS5 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, but found ourselves stuck on this screen. Hopping over to the download queue on PS5 shows that there is indeed no download in progress, nor are any errors listed.

Image showing the download queue on PS5 Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

How to fix the PS5’s Queued for Download error

Originally the only way to fix this error was to fully wipe your PlayStation 5. Thankfully that’s no longer the case, according to PlayStation’s support team.

Step 1: Make sure your PlayStation 5 firmware is updated to the latest version.

Step 2: Turn off your PlayStation 5 by pressing the power button on the front. Once the system is off, press and hold the power button again. Release it after you hear the second beep — one beep will sound when you first press, and another seven seconds later. Safe Mode should start.

Step 3: Connect a controller via USB to your PS5.

Step 4: Use the controller to select “Rebuild Database” in Safe Mode.

Once the database is rebuilt, you should be able to continue your download as normal.

What is causing the PS5’s ‘Queued for Download’ error?

There’s currently no official explanation for the Queued for Download error, but in our anecdotal experience, it occurred when trying to download something (Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s massive 140 GB install file, in our case) that we didn’t have enough free space for. So if you’re worried about it, just be mindful about what you download — keep an eye on how quickly you’re filling up the PS5’s internal storage.

Update (Nov. 20): This post as been updated with new information on how to fix the “Queued for Download” error that was released by the PlayStation support team.