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Bugsnax’s development bugs featured a violently spinning popstar

Bug ... snax, get it?

Bugsnax mayor with strawberry feet? Image: Young Horses

Bugsnax, the goofy and delicious creature catching game centered around food-based critters, had some hilarious problems while in development.

The game relies on physics and good timing to catch the Bugsnax in traps, so while we expected there to be bugs of the critters launching across the map or flinging wildly out of place, we were greeted with Grumpus bugs. Grumpus, the fuzzy Muppet-esque creatures, are the sentient talking beings that you help out. (You are a Grumpus in the game, too.)

Young Horses programmer and producer Kevin Geisler has begun to bless us with gifs of Grumpus problems on Twitter.

Below, you can see a clip of Wiggle, the musically-inclined funky Grumpus, spinning out of control while also ... flinging pineapple slices around? There’s like, liquid dripping and flying off of her? What.

The next shot shows the playable character on fire, running into Filbo, lighting him on fire. He doesn’t seem to really mind, though, which lines up with what a kind soul Filbo is.

Please keep the Bugsnax bug gifs coming. They are the only thing getting me through this Monday.

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