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A PS5 simulator for everyone who couldn’t get the console

Cables, boxes, and trash — just like the real thing!

A video game version of setting up a new PS5 console. Image: Itchio/Alex Grade

Video game developer Alex Grade couldn’t afford a new PlayStation 5 — and even if they could, Sony’s next-gen console is selling out quickly, resulting in scalpers hocking the PS5 for thousands of dollars. Instead of dropping an unreasonable amount of cash, Grade did the next best thing. They built a simulator that gives them the satisfaction of setting up a PlayStation 5 without actually having to drop a dime.

And, let’s be real. A big part of the experience for early adopters is that moment when you open up the box, take the hardware out, and hook it up to your TV. There’s a reason why unboxing videos are so popular on YouTube. Some folks are buying new TVs or upgrading their audio systems specifically to accommodate new consoles, so there’s something genuinely exciting about the lead-up to actually playing a game. PS5 Simulator captures all of that.

“I can’t afford it any time soon,” Grade wrote in an email to Polygon, where they appended a sad smiley. “But I really want to have a PS5, so I made a game just for myself where I can imagine that I’m having a PS5.”

The game comes complete with physics, and includes minor details like opening the box and dealing with packing material. Grade says the project took them a week to complete.

“I am really bad at cable management (my PC is a mess), so I [thought] it would be funny to have this part in the game too,” Grade remarked. “In the middle of development my Wi-Fi just died, so I’ve added it [as a feature] too.”

You can download PS5 Simulator for free at

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