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Miles Morales glitch turns Spider-Man into a trash can

Same tbh

Spider-Man shocking an enemy lying on the ground in Spider-Man: Miles Morales Image: Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment

While the latest generation of video game consoles brings with it a ton of technical improvements, open-world games are only getting bigger and more complex — which means that glitches are inevitable. In the case of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, players are finding technical hiccups that accidentally transform our New York web-slinger into a myriad of different inanimate objects.

My favorite variation of the bug turns Miles into a trash container of some sort, like a dumpster or a recycling bin. It’s a funny visual, sure, but it’s also strangely relatable.

While it’s unclear what triggers this glitch, it seems to apply to nearly any object you can find in the Spider-Man overworld. Fans are posting videos of themselves flying around the virtual Big Apple as bricks, barriers, splotches, lamp posts, and more. The items seem completely random.

What’s clear from these videos is that, while Miles may not look normal, he still behaves in the way you’d expect. Meaning, the game remains playable — and returns to normal if you just restart. Almost makes me wish Insomniac Games would just make turning into other things an option.