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Demon’s Souls glitch gives you one-hit killing power

What happens if you wish for more wishes? This is kind of like that.

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

There is a glitch in Demon’s Souls, related to an item introduced in the remake, that can turn your character into a one-hit killin’ machine — enemies, bosses, demons, the whole shebang.

It takes a little bit of farming and some work, but the Souls YouTube creator ymfah includes a step-by-step, from-scratch tutorial that shows you how to take advantage of the glitch. The simple version: You’re using a Gold Coin, which is new to the game, while speaking to the Maiden in Black as her Luck-boosting effect is active. The Gold Coin also applies a temporary luck increase, so with the two effects combined, the game loses its mind and the player’s Luck starts multiplying infinitely. Seriously.

ymfah, of course, remembered that the Blueblood Sword is the only weapon in the game whose damage (both physical and magical) scales with luck. So this tutorial really covers how to start the game and do everything necessary to craft the Blueblood Sword — and raise your Strength, Dexterity, Magic, and Luck to 18 in order to swing it. After that, do the coin trick with the Maiden in Black, and gaze in awe at your newfound powers.

If you’re just here to look, the fun begins around 9:42 of the video above. Before that is all of the step-by-step grind, but props to ymfah for streamlining that as much as possible. Bluepoint Games will inevitably patch out this glitch, so run go try it for yourself while you can. Side bonus: All rare drops are now guaranteed!

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