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Marvel’s Avengers adds the cooler Hawkeye in December

Kate Bishop and Clint Barton will be similar but different

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics announced Thursday that Kate Bishop and Operation Taking AIM — the first major update for Marvel’s Avengers since launch — will launch on Dec. 8. This starts Season 1 of Marvel’s Avengers, with more heroes, enemies, and content coming early next year.

Kate Bishop’s story picks up immediately after the events of Marvel’s Avengers, with Kate seeking help from the Avengers to rescue her friend and mentor, Clint Barton (the original Hawkeye). Players will need to take Kate on a time-traveling adventure using some of Hank Pym’s tech to save the original archer hero.

The new video also answered one of fan’s most pressing questions about the addition of Kate Bishop and the promise of Clint Barton’s Hawkeye: How different will the two arrow-slinging heroes be?

While we still don’t know how Clint will play, Kate’s both a master archer and swordswoman. She’s also packing impressive teleportation powers, thanks to quantum technology. Here’s everything we know about her ability kit:

  • Intrinsic ability: Lets Kate teleport to enemies and deal bonus sword damage
  • Intrinsic block: Quantum Shift lets Kate teleport away from an attacking enemy and strike them from behind with her sword
  • Movement abilities: Kate can double jump and air-dash with her teleportation technology.
  • Ranged attack: Kate has numerous different arrows. Razor arrows are rapid-fire, Scatter Shot arrows fire multiple projectiles at once, Explosive arrows stagger enemies and break their blocks, and Smokescreen arrows stun enemies trapped inside
  • Heroic Support: Decoy spawns a decoy that shoots Quantum arrows at targets to distract them off of Kate. You can customize Decoy with abilities that let you swap places with it or blow it up
  • Heroic Assault: Warp Arrow lets Kate fire an arrow forward and then teleport to it, creating an explosion and lifting survivors into the air. Kate can use a special version called Worm Hole that lets allies follow Kate through her teleport
  • Heroic Ultimate: Quantum Overdrive gives Kate unlimited bow energy for a period of time

Marvel’s Avengers’ Taking AIM update will also add a new boss enemy, the Super Adaptoid, which can use all of the Avengers’ powers at once. The update will also add new skins for Kate Bishop, which players can both earn in-game or purchase in the store.

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