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GTA Online fans are trying to decipher a naked man

Big changes are afoot

a “John Doe” tease for new Grand Theft Auto Online content Image: Rockstar Games/Twitter

Rockstar Games is teasing something right now. It seems big. But nobody knows what, exactly, the open-world developer is alluding to with its recent social media posts about GTA Online.

This morning, Grand Theft Auto data miner Tez2 discovered that when you load the MMO-lite, you may come across a new face. Or rather, a new butt.

Who is this man? What does it mean? Is GTA Online getting its own Gulliver?

While we can’t answer that question, Rockstar intrigued everyone with a follow-up video Thursday morning that seems to be showcasing entirely new locales in GTA Online.

Eagle-eyed players have noticed that the tease briefly displays a new portion of Grand Theft Auto 5’s standard Los Santos map, leading fans to believe that the game world might be expanding a bit.

How the man ties into all of this, we don’t know. But the video tease calls him a “John Doe” who was last seen hanging out by the airport. This might be a nod to the fact that the dude has recently traveled outside of Los Santos. The teaser also mentions a “Rubio Dossier,” but it’s unclear who or what that name refers to.

The leading assumption right now is that the game will add a brand-new heist that will take place on an island — which would be a huge addition to the game. So while fans can’t fully say what the naked man means, everyone is pretty excited about his existence.

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