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The mystery of Demon’s Souls’ secret door has been solved

A fan-requested treasure awaited the player who discovered it

A screenshot of the Penetrator boss holding his sword from Demon’s Souls Image: Bluepoint Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment
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The mystery of Demon’s Soulsnew secret door has been solved. Twitch streamer Distortion unlocked the door live on Thursday, revealing the mysterious bounty that has entranced the Demon’s Souls community for a week.

The payoff? A new set of armor that was not available in the original Demon’s Souls, the Penetrator set.

Distortion appears to be the first Demon’s Souls player to secure that Penetrator armor set by acquiring the required amount of Ceramic Coins, a new item added to Bluepoint Games’ remake of the game. According to Distortion’s testing, 26 coins are needed to trade for the Rusted Key with the merchant known as Sparkly the Crow, requiring multiple new-game-plus playthroughs of the game.

You can watch Distortion secure the Rusted Key in his Twitch stream here, and skip ahead to the ceremonious door-opening moment here. Here’s a shot of Distortion modeling the Penetrator armor set:

While Demon’s Souls previously included Penetrator’s sword — known as, well, the Penetrating Sword — the boss’ armor set was not included in FromSoftware’s original PlayStation 3 game. Bluepoint added a handful of new items and weapons for its PS5 remake, including new rings, consumable items, and equipment exclusive to a deluxe edition of Demon’s Souls.

And while some players’ expectations were high for the mysterious treasure discovered by Distortion, the addition of Penetrator’s armor is a nice bonus, one that the Demon’s Souls community has long wished for. (It’s also in line with Bluepoint’s hidden treasure in its remake of Shadow of the Colossus, the Sword of Dormin.)

Demon’s Souls’ locked-door mystery was quickly solved by the community, which discovered the new Ceramic Coin collectible scattered throughout the game’s world, but only when players had reached Pure White or Pure Black World Tendency in certain areas. Distortion sprinted through Demon’s Souls with the help of a glitch that gives players one-hit-kill powers, believing that he’d need to farm many more Ceramic Coins to solve Bluepoint’s puzzle.

The next level of puzzles.

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