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Grid featuring four different gaming chairs Graphic: James Bareham/Polygon

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The best Black Friday 2020 deals on gaming chairs

These gaming chair deals also make great office chairs

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During 2020, we’ve have spent more time than usual sitting in a chair at home. Many of us don’t have a choice but to work from home or attend school from our bedrooms, which makes now a great time to invest in the furniture that you sit on all day — particularly because of Black Friday discounts.

Good chairs aren’t often cheap. However, if you consider that it’s one of your most used pieces of furniture, then it may be easier to justify the cost. Better yet: There are plenty of Black Friday 2020 deals on gaming chairs that you can take advantage of, making big purchases less expensive.

We previously shared our top picks for the best gaming and home office chairs, and we’re adapting that list to bring you the best deals on gaming chairs. Check out some of our discounted favorites below.

Secretlab Omega

Secretlab Omega gaming chair in front of a cluttered desk Photo: Secretlab

If want a seat with that classic gaming chair look, then look into the Secretlab Black Friday Sale. You can get some of their chairs for up to $100 off. They have plenty of different styles available, from understated to over the top.

Be sure to use their seating guide when buying to make sure you’re getting the right chair for your height and weight.

Killabee Gaming Chair

A Killabee gaming chair in front of a desk and keyboard Photo: Killabee

If you’re a fan of the gaming chair aesthetics and want some luxurious features, then check out the Killabee Massage Gaming chair, which is $150 off on Amazon.

For $179 you’re getting a neck rest, foot rest, and an electric lumbar massager. It’s a bit bulkier than most of our picks, but there’s a lot of comfort for the low cost.

Anda Seat Dark Knight

Anda Seat Dark Knight gaming chair sits empty in the middle of a street Photo: Anda Seat

If you want to split the difference between the comfort of a gaming chair and the simple look of a general office chair, then consider the Anda Seat Dark Knight chair.

You can grab one right now for $401.59, which is $124.83 off of its usual price. Unlike most chairs, the Dark Knight has lots of upper back support.

Herman Miller

An Embody Gaming Chair, in black, with a bright blue support on the back.
The Embody Gaming Chair
Image: Herman Miller, Logitech

Herman Miller chairs are well-regarded in the office chair space, and they recently teamed up with Logitech to release the Embody Gaming Chair, which sadly isn’t on sale this Black Friday. However, some of the Gaming Chair Editions of their other chairs are. We also recommend the High-Back Cosm (is a great chair with a good Black Friday deal this year).

Herman Miller High-Back Cosm chair

The Herman Miller High Back Cosm chair in front of a window with plants on the sill Photo: Herman Miller

Sure, fine, yes, everything’s obvious in hindsight, but it still feels like it took way too long for me to admit that the chair in front of my (standing) desk is almost certainly the most important piece of furniture in my house.

Instead, here’s what I thought: I should buy something cheap. I mean, this isn’t a couch over here. This isn’t for my family room. I’m not buying a bed. Ease up there, Mr. Rockefeller.

And thus began years of elbow bruising, back tweaking, unevenly wearing pleather on maladjusted cheap office chairs. If my goal was to waste money and slightly annoy myself for like a decade, then I succeeded beautifully.

Then here’s what I thought one day, and I’ve never been able to talk myself out of it: My office chair is quite literally where I spend most of my day. Why on earth wouldn’t I treat it as super important?

It still took me a couple of years to talk myself into something I wish I’d done sooner.

Point is, I’m writing this from the comfort and support of my Herman Miller High-Back Cosm Chair chair. And here’s why I like it:

  1. It’s comfortable and ergonomic at the same time, which means I’m not trashing my body every day.
  2. It looks cool (they call the color Glacier), and that makes me smile.
  3. It’s simple, by which I mean it has exactly one adjustment — height — which is important because I know myself well enough to know that if it had half a dozen knobs and dials and levers, I’d consign myself to an eternity of fiddling.

Yes, it’s a lot of money. No, I didn’t pay full price. Yes, I saved up. Yes, it took me a long time to talk myself into it. No, I have not regretted it for a moment. Hell yes, I wish I’d done it sooner. —Dave Tach


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