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I would die for Animal Crossing’s new puppies

Now this is holiday cheer

A collection of puppy toys in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Charlynn Jarrett

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game about collecting the cutest possible objects, depending on your aesthetic — so it’s a great thing that the new winter update adds some stellar options to the larger inventory. You’ve got a number of cozy items that make it obvious many of us staying in and bundling up, and a selection of playful items that would make for great holiday presents.

In particular, I’m obsessed with the new line-up of felt puppies that move and bark on command. I mean, just look at them. In the image above, graciously posed and provided to Polygon by Animal Crossing player Charlynn Jarrett, you can see a good variety of canine types to collect, from Dalmatians to golden retrievers. Many players on social media are thus seeking to obtain the entire set, which they often use to create puppy park scenes. Fans also love to turn all the puppies on at once, as if basking in the adorable cacophony. Combined with the already-existing dog houses and pet bowls, it’s easy to make the puppies feel right at home.

Really, though, I want many of the new toys. The tents are good, the doll houses are meta and therefore good, the new helicopters are good. For once, I’m not looking at Pocket Camp’s items with envy!

I’ve also been impressed with how well the new Turkey Day furniture items warm up a room. I’m usually huge on seasonal items, but these decorations have such a vibe to them that I want to bundle up and drink some hot cocoa, or perhaps dig into a pie. Or maybe pull up next to a roaring fire? The point is, the new Animal Crossing items nail the holiday mood.

I’m especially thrilled at how good the food items look. In particular, I want to devour the yule log cakes, or drink from a New Year champagne glass.

Combine all of this with the added poses and the long-overdue ability to transfer islands to other consoles, and I’ve found myself finally overcoming my Animal Crossing burn-out. I want to come back and enjoy the holiday cheer with my digital friends.

It helps that Nintendo has also made getting seasonal items much easier now too. While you can’t fast-forward to holidays to experience them faster, after it occurs, you can simply buy the entire Turkey Day collection at Nook’s Cranny for about 20,000 bells. Not bad — and with a coming January update, there’s plenty of reason to jump back in right now.