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Cuphead developer delays Delicious Last Course DLC to 2021

Studio MDHR says it won’t compromise on quality for DLC

Cuphead’s final episode is going to need even more time in the oven. Developer Studio MDHR announced Wednesday that Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course has been delayed to 2021. The add-on was originally planned for release in 2019, but was delayed to 2020 last summer. Now the game’s final piece of downloadable content is slated for release next year.

Studio MDHR said it wants to continue refining Cuphead’s DLC, and won’t compromise on the game’s quality in pursuit of releasing the add-on this year.

“In true Studio MDHR fashion, we aren’t content for this final chapter to be anything less than our best work,” developers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer said in a statement published to Twitter. “Throughout development, we’ve challenged ourselves to put everything we learned from making Cuphead into the quality of The Delicious Last Course’s animation, design, and music.

“Meeting this standard has been extremely challenging for us amid the global pandemic that has affected so many of our fellow developers. Rather than compromise on our vision in response to COVID, we’ve made the difficult decision to push back the release of The Delicious Last Course until we are confident it will delight the Cuphead community the way we feel it should.”

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course will add an all-new island to explore and new character, Ms. Chalice. The add-on is in development for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

Studio MDHR released the original Cuphead for PlayStation 4 in July, and is also working with Netflix on an animated series called The Cuphead Show!

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