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Thankfully The Boys season 2 bloopers are good

Laughter is back, baby!

Everyone deserves bloopers during difficult times. The Boys goof reel delivers.

While not quite at the level of Jackie Chan outtakes, but on par with the formidable Game of Thrones bloops, a recently released batch of screw-ups from the second season of The Boys should delight any fan of the Amazon Prime Video series in need of a laugh.

What to expect:

  • Homelander actor Antony Starr being completely incapable of chugging milk with a straight face
  • Karl Urban trying his best to look like a badass Punisher-type despite a leaf getting stuck to his pistol
  • Aya Cash pretending to shoot energy out of her hands as Stormfront
  • General flubs where everyone acts like pals and has a good time and oh, it’s just nice to see people being friendly!

For all its twisted humor, The Boys season 2 found itself on a bleak streak, in large part due to Stormfront’s white nationalist crusade. Considering Cash has previously said playing a superpowered neo-Nazi came with mental strain, it’s good to know the cast and crew were able to have a little fun making the show.

Since debuting in September, Amazon has given a greenlight to both The Boys season 3 and a spinoff series that will explore superhero life at college. After the season 2 finale, Kripke told Polygon that writing is well underway on season 3, and that it would be interesting to see how the election changes the perception of the bluntly satirical show.

“If, God willing, Biden wins, the show might air — might — in a setting of more stability and sanity, and start to live as a historical document of the derangement of the Trump years rather than an up-to-the-minute, current depiction,” he said. “I was talking about it with another producer, and I was saying, ‘Look, the show works because we write about whatever’s happening right now.’”

There’s no official date for either season 3 or the spinoff, so for now, revel in these bloopers.

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