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Fall Guys’ new update includes big fans and little hammers

Fall Guys gets an Only Fans (level)

Fall Guys players competing in Season 2 Image: Mediatonic/Devolver Digital

Fall Guys is midway through its second season, and developer Mediatonic is adding an update to spice things up. The update is called Fan Big Yeet Little, and it includes a new level (Big Fans) and a new spinning hammer (Lil Yeety) for contestants to dodge.

Big Fans is the biggest addition to the patch, and it tasks players with passing over an abyss with the aid of several comically oversized fans. Players must jump from fan blade to fan blade, all while being jostled by a couple of dozen beans, and dodging obstacles along the path.

The other headliner addition is “Little Yeety”, a hammer which is hidden throughout levels. Unlike its big brother Big Yeetus, Little Yeety is a very tiny little hammer. However, the Yeet hammers tend to be chaotic neutral, and they can doom a player as easily as they launch someone past the finish line.

The Fan Big Yeet Little update also includes level variations that will shake things up, like a horrifying version of Fruit Chute where all the big fruits are replaced by perilous bananas. In addition, Mediatonic have applied lots of little fixes to common glitches and bugs.

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