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Valiant Hearts team’s next game takes cues from Tarantino

Road 96 will be a procedural road trip where players must flee the country

The makers of Valiant Hearts, which was a standout exploration of the historical significance of World War I that launched with the previous console generation, are taking their next project in a very different direction. Their next effort is called Road 96, a story of modern-day refugees that takes its cues from Quentin Tarantino and the Coen Brothers. The announcement was made this evening in conjunction with The Game Awards.

Road 96 is a procedural narrative adventure where you must escape a country on the brink of collapse and reach the border, thousands of miles away in the mountains,” the developer said Thursday in a news release. “As you travel the back roads of the country during the hot summer of ’96, you will come across the nation’s troubled citizens. Every decision you make will impact the entire journey to the border, which will be unique for every player on each procedurally generated playthrough.”

Yoan Fanise is the game’s creative director, a role he filled on the production of Valiant Hearts and 2019’s 11-11 Memories Retold, which also focused on WWI. In today’s news release, the team said that their game would reflect popular culture of the 1990s, including films. It will also reward multiple playthroughs, and include unique storylines and hidden connections between its characters.

No release date or platforms were given, but the game is listed on Steam with a release date in 2021.

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